Pachmarhi Weather

Annual Rainfall at Pachmarhi 785.84mm
Best Time to Visit Pachmarhi I recommend September to May

Pachmarhi, a beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh, India. Pachmarhi is the only hill station in central India. Get information on Pachmarhi weather and climatic conditions here.

Summer in Pachmarhi

summer starts at Pachmarhi from the month of may and lasts until July. The place becomes exclusive holiday destination during this season, Because due to its evergreen vegetation, Climate remains favourable. Days remain significantly warmer than the night, the average maximum temperature not exceeding 35*C...

Winters at Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is an ideal holiday destination even during the winter season. winters at Pachmarhi starts from november and lasts until february. Days remains cold and crisp, feeling very good. The temperature falls to minimum of 4*c during nights. I will recommend heavy woolen clothes, if you are at Pachmarhi during winters.


At Pachmarhi, monsoon starts from july and ends to the month of september. The average rainfall at Pachmarhi is 785 mm. The waterfalls and landscape gets soaked. Fog hangs in the air and weather remains cloudy most of the times. After monsoon, the place becomes fully refreshed and the place blooms. The place is at its best from Semptember to May.

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