Pachmarhi Tourist Attractions

So you are planning for a holiday tour at Pachmarhi, one of my best places for my holiday tours. so I would like to introduce you with some of the main Tourist Spots at Pachmarhi, where everyone must visit...

These are only the main places to tour, there are several other places at Pachmarhi. But these places are some of my best places at Pachmarhi.

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So Let us Begin...

Tip : While most of the spots are within 5-6 km, the best way of getting around is to hire a jeep (Gypsy). Gypsy can be hired through open market or hotel manages have links with Gypsy operators. If somebody wishes to visit tourist points using his own vehicle then also it is fine.

Below are some of Pachmarhi Tourist Attractions

1. Apsara Vihar

apsara vihar pachmarhi

This place is also known as "Fairy Pool". It is easily accessible from Jai Stambh, this is an ideal picnic spot for everyone also childrens, since the pool is shallow, not so deep, deepening only towards the base of the fall. My First Picnic Spot at Pachmarhi. >>> Read More about Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool) at Pachmarhi

2. Bee Fall

bee fall pachmarhi

A spectacular waterfall in the stream which also provides drinking water to Pachmarhi. It is also known as "Jamuna Prapat". The pools at above the waterfall in the stream are very popular. Must visit place at Pachmarhi.

3. Chauragarh

chauragarh pachmarhi

This place is around 4 km from Mahadeo caves, it is one of Pachmarhi's prominent land marks, a place of Hindu god "Lord Shiva".

4. Dhoopgarh

dhoopgarh pachmarhi

The highest point in the Satpura range at Pachmarhi, with a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges. A very popular spot for viewing sunsets. Must visit place at Pachmarhi.

5. Handi Kho

handi kho pachmarhi

Pachmarhi's most impressive deep narrow valley, has a 300 feet high precipice and dramatically steep sides. Amazing place at Pachmarhi.

6. Duchess Fall

duchess fall pachmarhi

This fall is also known as "Jalawataran". The descent is steep and the trek strenuous for almost to the base of the fall. Adventurous spot at Pachmarhi.

7. Irene Pool

pachmarhi nature

This pool was named after Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose, who discovered it at Pachmarhi. The route up stream leads to a cave, through which the stream goes underground and then over a khud in a series of falls.

8. Jatasankar

jatasankar pachmarhi

A sacred cave at Pachmarhi under a mass of loose stones in which the Jambu-Dwip stream has its source. A rocky formation of this place resembles the matted locks hairs of "Lord Shiva", hence the name is "Jata shankar". >>>Read More About JataSankar at Pachmarhi

9. Lanjee Giri

For adventure enthusiasts, Lanjee Giri calls them to fulfil their thirst of adventure at Pachmarhi. Enjoying rock-climbing in its lovely terrains is really a great fun for adventurers. However, the best joy may be to discover its underground passage here. Go on its so exciting...

10. Pandava Caves

pandava caves pachmarhi

Five ancient pandavas lived in these sandstone rocks. Pachmarhi derives its name from these caves which once provided shelter to the five Pandava brothers. These caves are now protected monuments at Pachmarhi. >>>Read More About Pandava Caves at Pachmarhi

11. Priyadarshini Point

It is also known as "Forsyth Point". This vantage viewing point marks the place from where Captain Forsyth discovered Pachmarhi. The Britishers developed Pachmarhi as a hill resort and their influence is embodied in its churches and also in colonial architecture. Must visit place at Pachmarhi...

12. Rajat Prapat

rajat prapat pachmarhi

It is popularly known as "Silver Fall". Those who loves adventure will find it very interesting in this ten-minute walk over rocks from Apsara Vihar to the 'big fall', the top of Rajat Prapat. Exciting place at Pachmarhi...

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