"Welcome to Pachmarhi Hill Station, Find out Best Pachmarhi Hotels"

"So Planning for a Holiday at Pachmarhi?", Only Hill Station in Central India. That's Great. Pachmarhi is very near to my home town Pipariya about 54 kms and I have visited most of the places at Pachmarhi, so I was really excited to start this website. It was a great idea because we have been frequent visitor to Pachmarhi.

This website may help you in getting to Pachmarhi, finding best hotels and accomodations. Don't forget to visit Pachmarhi Travel Guide. In this website, I will also introduce you with cultures and traditions of Pachmarhi.

So let us Begin!

A Hill Resort, Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh is also known as "Queen of Satpura". I Love Pachmarhi so much. We also Photographed spectacular places of tourist attractions to share with peoples worldwide.

Their are so many places of tourist attractions, where everyone must visit at Pachmarhi to enjoy full beauty of this peaceful and beautiful hill station.

I fell in Love with Pachmarhi, and with the peoples.

We watched magnificent waterfalls and beauty of nature in Pachmarhi. We also visited Satpura National Park.

Pachmarhi has so much to offer for everyone - warmth, nature, peace, parties and so much more to experience at this hill station.

So what is our favorite of all the places at Pachmarhi, after a month of exploration and play?

They All Are...! every place in Pachmarhi is different, each with its own qualities that makes it something special.

However, I would like to share my travel stories to Pachmarhi hill station in this website, Don't forget to share your own Pachmarhi Travel Stories to help other tourists. I will be introducing you with some of our favourite Places, 'Must Do' at Pachmarhi, Best Hotels, Yummiest restaurants And many more to say...

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Pachmarhi Small Water Fall

Start Exploring Pachmarhi...

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